Barriers to Opportunity

Too many young people face barriers to opportunity and success based on factors beyond their control. Challenges are especially acute for youth living in poverty, youth with disabilities, racial or ethnic minorities, and young mothers. Too many become detached from school, work, and civic systems. This disconnection carries heavy costs for individual lives, families, communities, countries, and economies. PTS equips young men and women with skills to overcome these barriers.

Through PTS, young people build their self-confidence and sense of hope, purpose, and belonging. Armed with practical, in-demand work readiness skills such as critical thinking and responsibility, PTS graduates are better prepared to succeed in school, on the job, and in life.

PTS graduates have the skills employers seek. In addition to getting jobs, participants stay and grow in these positions. PTS graduates have clearer goals and career objectives than their non-PTS peers.

I rate it one of the best [programs] ever since it covers so many topics in a very short period of time and breaks barriers that the participants had felt before joining the program. To many of them, the program served as an eye opener. They had no idea what the real world is actually like, or what skills are needed to join the labor force. I believe that the program has helped them crucially.

PTS Trainer

To begin with, our aim was to support a project that was helping those in need, but we later realized that many of the young people had a great deal to offer our company. The project benefits young people, society, and companies such as ours.

Pilar Vilca
Selection Analyst,
Cantol S.A.C., Peru

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