Gender Inequity

Gender inequity isn't a women's issue. Explicit or underlying biases, barriers to education and employment, and wage gaps harm communities and hold back entire economies. By preparing young men and women with work readiness skills while applying a gender-sensitive lens, Passport to Success offers a new approach to tackling long-standing challenges. PTS is the first and only work readiness and employability curriculum that considers gender.

Now my parents speak about me with pride. My father’s perspective on women and employment has changed too. When relatives ask if he approves of my job, he answers, ‘Why not? There is no shame in working.’ Now I can fully support myself and help with my family’s expenses.

PTS graduate who secured employment at IKEA, Jordan

In addition to attuning young men to the inequalities women face and inviting them to reflect on their own attitudes and biases, PTS prepares young women with the self-confidence to navigate daily life and pursue education and a career. PTS equips women with the skills to succeed on the job, including in typically male-dominated industries such as construction and automobile repair. In some cases, PTS graduates are the first women an employer has hired.

The students learned to let their guard down, and they began considering the limitations women face when seeking employment. This lesson left them hungry for more information on how they can work to create a safer environment for their female counterparts to thrive.

Sofia Mañón
Psychologist, counselor, and PTS trainer, Fé y Alegría Cardenal Sancha technical school, Dominican Republic

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