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Today and tomorrow, life skills training is a smart investment. The future of work is already impacting the decisions and fate of businesses, education, and government ministries. The pace of technological change makes it hard to decide the relevancy of various technical skills. According to research, the hardest skills for employers to find are those that machines can't master. They're the future-proof life skills Passport to Success has been cultivating in young people across six continents for over a decade.

  • In 60 percent of occupations, an average 30 percent of their work activities are automatable.

  • In a Wall Street Journal survey, 92 percent of employers said "soft skills" were as or more important than technical skills but 89 percent said they had a very or somewhat difficult time finding people with the right skills.

  • By 2030, workers will be spending 24 percent more time on the job using social-emotional skills [life skills] than they were in 2016.

We try to provide the youth with skills that help them face life's challenges, so they can identify their goals for the future. Employers don't only look for academic results, they look for people who can bring about change, who will help their business advance. This is what PTS does.

Faque Jose Afonso
Teacher and PTS trainer, Mozambique

What isn't changing? The need for humans who can be responsible, reliable team players with problem-solving and communication skills. In fact, these skills are becoming more valuable over time, and they're transferable across industries.

Aligned to international standards, PTS develops these future-proof skills in young people:

  1. Critical thinking and problem-solving
  2. Creativity and innovation
  3. Conflict management

I realized that I didn't know how to work within a team and be part of a larger process. I didn't know how to approach conflict situations and how to respond to my managers without challenging their authority. During the PTS workshops, I learned how to communicate with difficult people and deal with difficult situations by providing solutions to the problem.

Wajdi Ben Nejma
PTS graduate hired as a Process Manager with the Sobitex Textile Company, Tunisia

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