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We’ve spent more than a decade refining Passport to Success® (PTS) and tailoring it to clients’ needs and objectives. People are at the heart of business, education, and civil society, and you can trust PTS products to foster the skills they need to succeed. As technology has changed since PTS launched in 2004, we’ve focused on quality, market-relevant and youth-relevant solutions that produce real and lasting results. Discover which option will work best for you.

In person packages

Face-to-face training offers a proven, comprehensive way for young people to connect with a local trainer and their peers and gain experience through small group practice. These trainers also offer local relevancy and built-in quality control.

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  • Builds community through shared experience
  • Centered on peer learning, skill practice, and self-reflection
  • Methodology trainers value and that improves their work beyond the PTS classroom
  • Systemized lesson design makes it easy to use
  • Up to 100 hours (100 lessons) of instruction that can be tailored to an organization’s needs
  • Built-in quality assurance through unique coaching model
  • Taught to over 200,000 youth in 50-plus countries

Online packages

Our fully online packages provide even greater flexibility and reach. PTS for Customer Service and PTS Traveler are currently available, and PTS Concierge, honed for careers in the rapidly-expanding Travel & Tourism sector is set to launch in summer 2021.

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  • Online modality allows you to meet youth where they are
  • Youth-friendly user experience
  • Easy to upload users and generate reports
  • 2 to 7 hours of self-paced content
  • Available in English, with other languages forthcoming
  • Backed by global brands, including Hilton and Pepsi

Blended packages

PTS packages that combine in-person training with online elements are easily scalable across an organization.

Learn more about our Blended Packages.

  • Blended modality gives youth the best of both worlds: in-person and online
  • Easy to scale across an organization
  • Up to 37 hours of online and in-person lessons
  • Available in English, with other languages forthcoming


  In-Person Online Blended
Lessons/Modules Up to 100 5 to 17 5 online / 5 in-person
Hours of instructional content Up to 100 Up to 7 Up to 37
Training of Trainers 4-day interactive workshop (with blended 2.5 day option in English only) Multiple options Multiple options
Quality assurance Optional coaching model built-in Optional coaching model built-in Optional coaching model built-in
Languages Up to 20 Up to 6 Up to 6
Aligned to international standards Yes Yes Yes
Backed by global brands Yes Yes Yes
Skills Self-management, Self confidence, Respecting self and others, Teamwork, Communication, Creativity & innovation, Critical thinking & problem solving, Resilience, Decison making, Conflict management

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