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Since we launched Passport to Success over 15 years ago, more than 300,000 young people—from Mexico to Morocco and Saudi Arabia to South Africa—have learned life skills in person with our certified trainers. PTS in Person offers a more effective and fulfilling alternative to classroom learning based on memorization. Unlike other soft skills trainings, PTS in Person also focuses on learning for life, not just a first job.

What is PTS in Person life skills training?

Deployed in 50 countries, PTS in Person is a time-tested solution to build soft skills. By prioritizing small group practice and personal reflection over information sharing, our in-person life skills training makes learning interactive and rewarding. Learn why we call them life skills.

PTS in Person draws from 100 lessons that are 60 minutes each. For more than 15 years, we’ve worked with partners across sectors and industries to tailor this curriculum to their goals and local realities. A typical training includes 30 to 50 lessons.

To ensure quality, IYF—creators of PTS—rigorously trains and certifies local trainers to deliver these lessons. These men and women receive ongoing support from IYF coaches.

What you get by buying PTS

Why choose PTS in Person as your life skills training?



PTS in Person offers a special focus on work readiness skills combined with personal development. In addition to helping young people to get a job, our training prepares them to keep a job, better understand their own life goals, and grow in a career.

PTS in Person has been proven to support employee retention and promotion, school outcomes, and teachers’ classroom management. From the testimonies of countless young people around the world, we also know that PTS in Person stands apart in its ability to foster invaluable feelings of hope, community, and inclusion. 

Here’s why our partners have chosen PTS in Person:

  • It’s engaging: Replace traditional, memorization-based learning with PTS in Person’s small group practice and personal reflection.
  • It’s easy to tailor: Mix and match up to 100 lessons across 8 units, including options for civic engagement and service learning.
  • It’s flexible: Utilize it in a variety of settings, from rural classrooms to sports fields and corporate training centers.
  • It’s globally tested: We’ve adapted PTS in Person across 50 countries, including the United States, and 20 languages.
  • It includes built-in quality control: Find confidence in our systematically designed lesson plans, coaching sessions, measurement tools, and certification.
  • It delivers results: Young participants see personal, academic, and professional growth.

How PTS in Person life skills training aligns with your goals


Employers: deepen the skills of existing younger staff, develop a talent pipeline, and invest in communities where you operate. PTS in Person is relevant and adaptable for diverse industries, from travel and tourism to heavy machinery.


Non-profits: use PTS in Person as a stand-alone program to develop young people’s life skills or as a complementary component of broader initiatives.


Educators: support students to be well-rounded individuals who can plan for the future, find jobs, and succeed at work. Centered on effective teaching, PTS in Person can complement existing technical training, be incorporated during school hours, or be offered as an extracurricular activity.


Government agencies: advance social-emotional learning, social integration, youth employment, and youth economic opportunity.


Young people: get ahead in school and on the job while feeling more self-assured and self-aware, having completed this life skills training.

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