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No business wants to waste time and money hiring people with the wrong skills. Because when employees can’t show up on time, communicate well with others, or manage conflict, it can cost thousands of dollars in hours lost and turnover. Those are also missed opportunities to build relationships, share institutional knowledge, and advance the business. How can companies minimize these headaches and losses? PTS offers a solution.

[The PTS graduates] showed a very high level of commitment and dedication and spread positive energy to those around them. They are ambitious and they care about their career and development.

Abdel Naser Shehata
HR Manager with Arafa Group, Egypt

  • 96 percent of Hilton Team Members that took PTS are still with the company six months after completing the training.

  • 40 percent have been promoted.

PTS responds to these needs by focusing not just on preparing a young person to get a job, but to keep it — and, ultimately, to be positioned for career advancement. From Clerina in St. Lucia to Israa in Jordan and Lutfiati in Indonesia, we’ve seen how the holistic PTS approach sparks individuals’ drive, goal-setting, and career planning. Aligned to international standards, PTS prepares young men and women to perform their best.

  • PTS emphasizes getting and keeping a job.
  • Employers report satisfaction with PTS.
  • Employers cite clear advantages among PTS graduates.

In most cases, you get an experienced mason with very good technical skills but a very bad attitude. These four young [PTS graduate] men start work immediately when they get to the site. The rest of the workers wait until 7:30 a.m., when the supervisor arrives. They also discourage gossip and incitements that might occur and are quite independent. After we are through with this site, I am ready to move with these four workers to our next site.

Harrison Warui
Site Manager,
Jayshiv Builders Limited, Kenya

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