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Success in work and life often starts with success in school. However, too many students struggle to learn and graduate. In more than 50 countries, PTS training has enabled young men and women to recognize their own potential, find hope and motivation, and start planning for the future. We’ve seen how this new drive and sense of purpose translates into results at school. For some, it means not dropping out, thanks to a renewed sense of self-worth or clearer career goals. For them and others, it means getting better grades and being more engaged in the classroom.

In the future, I’d like to either go to medical school or industrial mechanics school. PTS helped me find those two focus areas by showing me what my skills are and what I am able to do.


  • 32% reduction in dropout rates in Chihuahua, Mexico.

  • 3.8% increase in semester grade point averages in Chihuahua, Mexico.

PTS supports student achievement by reducing dropout rates and propelling students to earn higher marks. Research from our extensive experience reaching young people in Mexico with life skills points to clear gains.

Students see their own potential and strengths and find greater purpose in their education.
Being more engaged can translate to reduce dropouts and improve grades.
Students train in dynamic small groups with individualized attention.
Students become more invested in their own success.

My dad used to hit me. Nothing I did was ever good enough for him. Even I thought I was good for nothing! [Once I started PTS,] even the teachers noticed that I had changed. My marks improved, and for the first time I finished the grade on-time and without taking any extra classes.

PTS graduate, Brazil

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