As a government representative, you strive to ensure the stability that young people seek for their families and their economic futures. Young adulthood offers a critical turning point. Honing what we call life skills — such as self-confidence, goal-setting, and critical thinking — provides an opportunity for youth to overcome economic and social barriers. PTS provides globally recognized but locally tailored solutions that prepare youth with the skills employers need now and will continue to value. Five national systems, in Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Mozambique, South Africa, and Tanzania, have selected PTS as their official life skills curriculum and methodology. PTS is positioned to help hundreds of other communities around the globe, with solutions such as:

Preparing for the future of work

Life skills through PTS are a future-proof investment that is critical to connecting youth to employment. Learn more

Closing the skills gap

At the community level, life skills can have a broad positive impact by furthering the goals of young jobseekers, energizing teachers, and enabling businesses to fully leverage their human capital. Learn more

Overcoming barriers to opportunity

Training in PTS positively impacts the whole person, encouraging goal-setting and a sense of belonging while also providing essential preparation for economic success. Learn more

When you enter the town of Ras El-Jbel, from the booth attendant at the post-office, to the cashier at the supermarket, and at the mechanic shop, the local kindergarten, the pastry shop at the corner, or the small internet café – we are greeted and received with such warmth by these people. They are all graduates of the PTS program and were all able to either find a job or start their own small businesses.

Leila Romdhane Employment Outreach Manager,
CCDE, Tunisia

Blog Post

Life Skills Training Sets Young Woman Motor Mechanic Apart

December 6, 2016 - Kim R. McCormick
Thumeka is at home with her tools in the garage. Although this 20-year-old in Cape Town, South Africa, surprises friends, teachers, and her employer with her dedication to working in motor mechanics, she says, “I just love everything about it.”

These lessons reflect many of the behaviors and ways of living that we value here in Africa, in our families, but at some point we stopped passing them on. We don't act on them anymore. But young people have come into the program and taken them on—to rebuild themselves, but also to rebuild the African family.

Samboudiang Kambaye PTS Trainer,

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