Educational institutions today face the daunting task of preparing students for a rapidly changing world, while supporting teachers to evolve and grow at break-neck speed. To get there, our global experience has proven the need for life skills. Also known as soft skills, social-emotional skills, essential skills, or 21st century skills, these competencies are the foundation of a “future-proof” education relevant for work and life. PTS helps educational institutions support students to succeed in school and be prepared with the skills all employers seek, including:

Overcoming barriers to opportunity

For young people with the odds against them, PTS builds the skills they need to overcome obstacles at school, home, and at work. Learn more

Boosting student achievement

Improving life skills with PTS improves engagement, increases performance, reduces dropout rates, and contributes to a sense of belonging and purpose that provide motivation for success after school. Learn more

Advancing teacher growth

By becoming PTS trainers, teachers report being able to better manage their classrooms and grow as educators. Learn more

This program taught me to believe in myself, to tell myself, ‘Don’t ever say you can’t accomplish something.’ This was a very new feeling for me; before, nothing really mattered. I had never worked, and I could see I had some skills, that I had something special in me. To be honest, this is the only school I ever took seriously in my life.

Alvin incarcerated youth in St. Lucia

Blog Post

Life Skills Open Doors to New Ways of Teaching in Mozambique

January 26, 2016 - IYF
"I am no longer the sort of teacher who enters a classroom and merely gives instructions to be followed by the students,” affirms Faque José Afonso, a secondary school history teacher in the town of Boane, in southern Mozambique.

I wish every student and even staff member of our school would go through life skills training. Students and teachers change, and they become more respectful of each other. PTS helps you look at yourself from a different perspective and reflect on many things you haven’t previously thought about.

Gulmira Mukanova Principal,
B. Nysanbayev School, Kazakhstan

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